Happy Owl Cafe chouette


Walk through our doors and be transported into the forest
where you can play with our cute and quirky owls in a comfortable environment.
Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with the owls in our woodland themed cafe.

Introducing the owls

Let us introduce you to the cute and quirky owls
that will be welcoming you here at chouette.


In order to enjoy your time here to the uttermost,
please read and follow the guidelines below.

Ordering Drinks

Choose anything from our wonderful menu and call out to our staff.

Guests are able to move freely between the “Petting area” and “Drinking area” until the time is up.

Petting the owls

Q)What should guests be careful of?
A)Please make sure that your cell phones are set to manner/silent mode and refrain from talking too loudly as you may end up spooking the owls.

For guests who are unfamiliar with handling winged animals please only pet them on the beak, and be careful not to touch their wings or bodies as this may cause them more stress. Owls tend to be very timid and cautious by nature so as to not spook them, please pet them gently and carefully. We also ask that you don’t force the owls into playing with you if they are not feeling up to the occasion.

Q)Are guests allowed to take photos?
A)Photography is encouraged but please make sure that the flash function is turned off. Furthermore, we kindly ask that guests take one test shot towards the floor to make certain. The owls have very sensitive eyes and can possibly suffer from blindness if exposed to sudden bright lights produced by flash photography.

Please properly clean and disinfect your hands properly before handling the owls.
To ensure that everyone has a great time please be sure to listen the the instructions given by our staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our staff.


Admission fee (All values are Tax inclusive)
Adults / ¥1,500 per hour per person
4 - 12 years old / ¥500 per hour per person
0 - 3 years old / Free
*1 Free drink is included.
*Please pay in advance.

¥500 per 30minutes per person

When visiting us

Please be aware that the owls are birds and are almost impossible to potty train,
so please take care be careful not to wear clothes that are hard to clean.

We are a family friendly environment and thus humbly refuse service to any drunk or rowdy individuals.

Please also refrain from bringing other animals or pets with you to the café.

We have a very strict hygiene policy and the drinking and petting area is kept separate,
thus bringing drinks into the petting area is strictly forbidden. Smoking inside the café is also strictly forbidden.

We kindly ask that any individuals with symptoms such as the cold or cough to wear a mask.


Happy Owl Café chouette
〒542-0083 Osaka-Shi, Chuo-Ku, Higashi Shinsaibashi 1-9-21 "1921 Building" 2F

(〒542-0083 大阪市中央区東心斎橋1丁目9-21 1921ビル 2F)
400m from Shinsaibashi station Exit 2 / 150m from Nagahoribashi station Exit 5A
100m from Nagahori Crysta South Exit 3

Hours of operation:11:00~20:00

Directions from Subway Midousuji line/Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi line [Shinsaibashi Station]

Exit the station and walk through the station towards the Nagahoribashi side, walk through Crysta Nagahori and go up to street level through Crysta South Exit 3. As soon as you’re above ground you should see Sunplay Inn Nagahori (Capsule hotel). Walk around the hotel towards Shinsaibashi.

Directions from Subway Sakaisuji [Nagahoribashi Station]

Exit the station through the North Ticket Gate and go above ground via Exit 5A. After getting above ground, walk towards the left and take the first left.

Directions from Subway Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi line [Nagahoribashi Station]

From the North Ticket gate, walk through Crysta Nagahori and go above ground via Crysta South Exit 3. As soon as you’re above ground you should see Sunplay Inn Nagahori (Capsule hotel). Walk around the hotel towards Shinsaibashi.

For guests who are visiting us by car

Unfortunately, we do not have any assigned parking spaces so please be careful. There are however some paid parking spaces available in the area.

Happy Owl Café chouette
Osaka-Shi, Chuo-Ku,
Higashi Shinsaibashi 1-9-21
1921 Building 2F


Hours of operation:11:00~20:00

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