Q&A -for English-


1. Can I bring big luggage into the café?

You can`t bring big luggage such as suitcases into our café because we didn`t have enough spaces.

Please leave your big luggage in the coin locker nearby before you visit our cafe.


2. I think I`ll be late to my reservation. Do I need to contact you?

Please make sure to contact our café if you think you`ll be late.If you didn`t contact us, your reservation will automatically be canceled after10 minutes over your reservation time.


3. Do I need to pay if I only stay at the café space and didn`t go to the owl space?

Yes. You still need to pay the entry fee even if you only stay at the café space (Adult : 2200\, Below 13 years old : 1100\, Below 4 years old : Free).


4. Is the finish time only for the owl space? Can we still stay at the café space after that?

The finish time is the time limit for both café space and owl space.

You will have to leave our café at your appointed finish time.

5. Can I extend my stay time?

Yes. For Adult : 800\/30min, Below 13 years old : 400\/30min, Below 4 years old : Free.

*There may be a situation where extend is not available too.


6. Did you sell any food?

Yes. We have vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream available.

7. Can I take picture?

Yes. Please turn off the flashlight before you take pictures.


8. Is it okay to wear accessories?

Yes. But if you`re afraid your accessories will get dirty, please take it off before you enter the owl space.


9. Do I need to wear mask?

No. It`s okay whether you want to wear mask or not.

10. Do you have locker available to keep our valuables?

No. Please take care of your own valuables.

For bigger luggage you can put it in the box we provided, and for small valuables please keep it in a small pouch or in your pocket.

11. What kind of outfit should I wear?

Since the owls cannot be potty train, please wear an outfit that you don`t mind getting dirty.

12. Can I use a selfie stick?

To ensure the owls safety, selfie sticks or any kind of long sticks is not allowed into the owl space.

Our café rule`s video is available on our website, so please have a look at the video.

13. Is photography service available at the cafe?

No. There is no professional photography service or picture print out service available.

But you can ask our staff to help you take a picture with your personal phone or camera if you need it.

14. Is there feeding experience available?

Yes. But since the feeding times is limited per day, ticket`s availability is based on first come first serves system.

15. Is it okay to bring along a baby?

Yes. We also have a baby changing table available, so make sure to tell the staff if you need to use it.

16. Can I bring our baby stroller into the café?

Although you`re not allowed to bring the baby stroller into the café, it is possible to put your baby stroller in front of the café after you fold it.


17. Is there elevator available?

We have an elevator available at the back door that are limited to customer who`s using wheelchair or have trouble going up the stairs.

Since our staff is needed to accompany you when using the elevator, please make sure to inform us beforehand if you need it.